Financial Analysis & Planning

KCP works closely with clients to analyze the historical financial performance of their businesses and to plan for the future. We perform various types of trend and ratio analyses to identify the key drivers and components of the company’s financial performance. We compare operating performance relative to industry averages. We then provide the client with recommendations that can be implemented to improve the profitability, growth and stability of the business.  


Business Valuations

Business valuations are typically used by business owners to attract outside investment and financing, as well to plan for the potential sale of the business. KCP works closely with its clients to evaluate and value their businesses. In order to properly determine the value of any business, we undertake multiple valuation methodologies while also evaluating short and long-term trends in the industry. 


M&A Advisory

KCP provides financial and strategic advice to business owners who are interested in undertaking an acquisition, or who are considering the sale of their business. Acquiring or selling a business is often one of the single most important decisions that a business owner will have to make in his or her career. KCP is thus ready to work closely with business owners to navigate the intricacies of the M&A process and ultimately maximize value for our client. We have performed M&A advisory services for both large and small businesses and we know what it takes to achieve success in the M&A process. 



KCP provides market and competitive research across a broad range of sectors and industries. Our in-depth industry research and analysis provides clients with insights into market specific risks and opportunities, as well as current trends and their financial implications. KCP also provides investment professionals and individual investors with independent and in-depth investment research on North American, Asian and other international equities. Through our research and analysis, we provide proprietary investment ideas and strategies that are designed to assist clients with their investment decision making process.


Business Presentations

KCP works closely with business owners to develop comprehensive business presentations which can be used to provide clients with an overview of the business, or to attract new investors.


Website Development & Branding

KCP can work with businesses to improve upon an existing website and brand image, or to create an entirely new website and brand ifor the business or for a special project/purpose. In addition to creating basic websites which list static information, we can help to develop online stores and eCommerce strategies, while optimizing website traffic through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). By combining website development and branding services, we are able to assist businesses with the creation of a unified brand image and “look” that can be effectively portrayed to clients and investors.