KCP seeks to partner with and invest directly in small businesses. Over time many businesses will experience transitions which may prove difficult to handle. KCP aims to be the partner of choice for small businesses who are seeking succession planning options, or who are entering a new growth phase. 


We have experience in dealing with the unique issues that surround family-owned businesses and have the expertise required to help business owners navigate these transitions. 


We are a value-added partner with a long-term perspective who will work directly with business owners to facilitate changes in ownership and assist with the future growth of the company.


Investment Criteria:

  • KCP is interested in small businesses that have a history of profitability and a strong financial position;
  • Revenues of $2M or less; and 
  • Companies with a solid market position in their operating territory.


Business owners who are considering adding an outside investor, or who are seeking succession planning options, are more than welcome to contact KCP at any time to discuss the potential for us to work together in the future. All inquiries and discussions with KCP will remain confidential at all times.